Additional Services

  • Social Media Marketing

    In the Web 2.0 era, building a good website is simply not enough. Hire the best designers and programmers and you'll know you have a great website. But if you want the rest of the world to know as well, and especially your identified target groups to start using your services or buying your products, you need to market it effectively. Internet Marketing, which has evolved to Social Media Marketing, are the ingredients that you must add, so that the final serving is as tasty as it looks.
    EWORX consultants will help you, in order to have social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their likes to start working for you, spreading the word and making peer groups aware of your offerings.
    Whichever your business sector, you need to work on Social Media Marketing as much as you do on building a good website.
  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are concerned with: 
    • Increasing your website's traffic by making sure your audience will find it easily
    • Improving your website's visibility and popularity and improving your brand awareness
    • Ensuring you website is highly ranked within search engines
    TOOLIP™ is designed with search engines in mind and provides the necessary technical infrastructure to achieve search engine promotion goals.   In addition to the TOOLIP™ SEO-geared technology and features, at EWORX we offer full-fledged SEO and SEM Consultancy Services.
  • Online Advertising

    Sites created with TOOLIP™ support modern online advertising methods; our tools and designs guarantee that you will maximise your advertising revenue independently of whether you choose Google's AdSense program or interactive flash banner campaigns. 
    Furthermore, at EWORX we offer a powerful, dedicated online advertising management system that you can use to manage your own online ad campaigns in your website.
  • Web and Print Design Productions

    When creating a website it may be necessary to re-think your logo or corporate identity. At EWORX we offer advanced Web and Print Production services, which will enable you to produce corporate identity related material such as:   
    • Logo design
    • Newsletter templates, report templates and letterheads
    • Animated and interactive online advertisement banners (using Adobe Flash or other platforms)
    • Printed promotional material (e.g. leaflets, flyers, posters, bookmarks, business cards)
  • Managed Hosting

    Hosting your TOOLIP™ website at our Data Center infrastructure will reduce your operating costs, remove the time-consuming and tedious tasks of managing servers in-house and guarantee performance and security so you can focus on running your business. 
    At EWORX we offer managed hosting services that include: 
    • Access to first and second-level support services managed through a single point of contact / escalation
    • 24x7 real-time infrastructure and application monitoring and alerting
    • Back-up and recovery management on system & application data
    • Advanced information security management policies and virus protection management
    • High-performance network capabilities
    Hosting your TOOLIP™ site at our Data Center Infrastructure guarantees: 
    • Web Page rendering time < 500ms
    • Monthly Guaranteed Uptime > 99,9%
    • Round-trip delay within Europe ≤ 60 ms
  • User Experience Services

    Our User Experience (UX) Consultants offer services in the areas of:
    These services will help you understand where UX-related barriers might exist and how they can be removed. At EWORX we combine, psychology, marketing, visual design and technology to offer a better user experience and maximise your Return on Investment. 
    Read more about our UX Services at our dedicated User Experience website.