What is TOOLIP™

TOOLIP™  (Tool for Internet Publishing) is a flexible and scalable Enterprise Content Management System (CMS). It helps build interactive websites that suit the needs of small and medium sized enterprises and yet it can scale easily to manage complex multimedia-rich, dynamic sites with thousands of multilingual pages supporting content distribution across multiple delivery channels.

Technical Details

TOOLIP is a lightweight Java application.

On the server side it uses the latest versions of industry de-facto standard technologies such as:

On the client side (browser or mobile) it delivers fast and accessible content using latest web 2.0 tools and technologies:


We take security very seriously so naturally TOOLIP is very secure. It implements all Top 10 web application security recommendations from OWASP so it protects your website and data from malicious acts and attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection attacks.


Exposes liveness data for monitoring via third party tools or services (e.g http://pingdom.com/)

Performance improvements release: TOOLIP has now even higher performance (can serve 3.5 million dynamic pageviews/day)