Is TOOLIP open source?

No, TOOLIP is not open source. However, it utilizes several open source packages such as Apache Commons components, Hibernate, Freemarker      

Can I add feeds from external systems to my TOOLIP website?

 Yes TOOLIP can be easily integrated with external information publishing systems such as: 

  • Multimedia provider handlers (youtube, google video, flickr, collegehumour, vimeo, brightcove)
  • Weather forecasting systems
  • Stocks data providers 
  • RSS feeds from third party sites
  • Enterprise document management systems
How much does a TOOLIP site cost?

 Well that depends on the scope and the complexity of the business requirements. In essence it is straightforward to set up a TOOLIP site with the standard module functionality but the complexity of the required customisations will define the cost. 

Does every module come with a predefined number of features?

 Not at all.

Each client has his own needs; TOOLIP is flexible enough to incorporate various features in various modules addressing customer-specific realities and requirements. Choose which of the features you would like in your website and ask for a quote now.

Where can my TOOLIP website be hosted?

 TOOLIP websites require a simple, managed hosting environment with a web server, a Java application server and a database management system. The vast majority of our clients assign the hosting of their TOOLIP websites to EWORX a lot of clients choose to host their websites at their premises with no impact on the performance.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is the term used to describe the software that allows the creation and management of the content of a website. A typical CMS facilitates the publication of all types content such as news, pages, images, videos, advertisements, menus, footers, tags, web forms etc, across all digital channels such as the Web, mobile and print. There are many CMSs on the market and vary greatly in terms of the features and also maturity, robustness and security levels they offer.