TOOLIP Modules

  • Social Networking

    The Social Networking module allows users to interact in various ways, build, join and maintain groups and networks. Typical features present in Toolip Social Networking websites are the following:
    • Members registration
    • Profile management
    • Single sign-on
    • Subscriptions and subscription management
    • Bookmarks and bookmarks management
    • Connections / Friends / Followers
    • Activity streams
    • Wall
    • Networks / groups
  • E-Commerce

    The E-Commerce module facilitates the creation of B2C online shops as well as B2B order and procurement management. Typical features of the Toolip e-commerce module are:
    • Product catalogue
    • E-showroom with visually attractive presentation of products
    • Shopping cart
    • Ordering process
    • Various online payment options
    • Sales and Offers
    • Related products
    • Product bundles
    • Powerful back-end management system
    • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile

    With the web-enabled mobile market segment growing at an extremely fast pace, offering mobile services to your users will not only give you competitive advantage but becomes a necessity in order to capture your audience while on the go.
    With TOOLIP Mobile you can easily launch the mobile edition of your website, ensuring that visitors with a web-enabled mobile device such as Apple's iPhone/iPad, Android, Symbian and Blackberry phones, will read your content in an optimised way. Typical features of the Toolip Mobile module are:
    • Multiple mobile browser support
    • Fully administrable mobile content
    • Standards-compliant and optimised for quick load time
    Furthermore, EWORX offers an array of additional Mobile Services including:
    • iPhone/iPad mobile applications development
    • Google Android mobile applications development
    • Mobile applications usability assessment
  • Intranet / Extranet

    The TOOLIP™ Intranet/Extranet module provides a platform for:
    • assembling a centralised data store with all your documents and material
    • managing documents and document versions
    • publishing important news and announcements
    • generating and collecting customisable reports
    • creating and managing organisation events
    • enabling real time chat between intranet users
  • Educational Portal and E-Learning

    The TOOLIP Educational Portal and E-Learning module is mainly targeted to educational organizations and offers a technical platform with the following features:
    • E-Learning functionality (course management)
    • Exam registration management
    • Exam results presentation (web and mobile)
    • Course programme management
    • Student registration
    • E-Learning library
  • News Management System (NMS)

    The News Management System is a TOOLIP™ module for publishers, that allows the end-to-end management and monitoring of articles (from creation to publication). Specifically the NMS provides the following functionalities: 
    • Easy customization and refresh of web pages with configurable rules and content areas
    • Various ways of capturing User Generated Content (e.g. user comments, user ratings, polls and surveys)
    • Complex workflows for drafting, approval and publication of news
    • Content Metering for content-based subscription models
    • Support for multiple news formats (audio, video, galleries)
    • Easy to use advertisement engine that integrates with the ad server of your preference
    • Integrated social tagging and sharing mechanisms
  • Corporate Portal

    Corporate portals aim at promoting corporate branding and enhancing customer reach. Depending on the corporate activities infinite possibilities exist, as to which features a corporate portal may encompass. Typical examples are the following:
    • Company Presentation
    • Products & Services
    • Newsletter
    • News & Press releases
    • Events & Calendar
    • Partners & Affiliates
    • Multimedia
    • Recruiting
    • FAQ
    • Members area