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 PROTAGON is one of the largest of news commentary portals in Greece with an average of more than 12,000 unique visitors per day. It hosts opinions and articles from popular Greek journalists and sponsors categories such as “Subjects”, “People”, “Dolce” and “Books”. It also hosts videos from the very popular Sunday night TV show “Protagonistes” which presents original stories of everyday heroes.  

EWORX was responsible for (a) re-designing parts of the front-end (other parts did not change from the previous design), (b) developing a state of the art News Management System (NMS), (c) delivering a full scale migration of the content from the previous CMS and (d) delivering a video streaming and video advertisement solution. 
In detail, the News Management System included the following features developed and tailored to the client's needs:
  • Gallery management for videos and photos
  • Article management
  • TV Shows management
  • Tags, categories and user management
  • Shouts management (a Twitter-like implementation that presents short texts in various parts of the website)
  • User comments management
  • Newsletter auto-generation and management
  • Author's Blogs
  • Box Management to enable the content management in various 'box container' pages
The migration involved x number of articles, x number of author profiles, x number of comments, x number of tags, x number of video and TV show files, x number of photos, and x number of photo galleries.
In addition, the UX Team performed an in-house usability evaluation of specific high profile pages (e.g. the search page, the article page) and co-ordinated the design and production of more effective designs.
Finally, we developed an infrastructure for supporting the various banner advertisement requirements.
EWORX also provided the technical infrastructure for hosting the videos and serving video advertisements of the portal through a supporting web application (Stream Video Labs).

URL: www.protagon.gr

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